"Absolutely Fine Foods catered my last event and it was such a success! I have received nothing but phone calls today complimenting me on the great food and service. Thank you for all your efforts and advice. It was everything I had asked for and more!" - Kaitlyn

Event Catering

From House Parties to Corporate Events, Absolutely Perfect Service

Whether you’re hosting a 20-guest house party or a 500-guest corporate event, you need quality food that conveys professionalism, elegance and sophistication, and most importantly, tastes great. At Absolutely Fine Foods, we deliver a first-class dining experience to your event. We provide incredible food that will keep your guests smiling, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be able to tell your guests exactly what they’re being served, down to the finest detail.

Where’s the menu?

We don’t offer a catering menu because everything we do is completely customized. Generally, when customers come to us to develop a menu for their event, they fall into one of two categories. Either they have a general idea of the food they want for their event, or they are looking to us for ideas. Below are descriptions of how we might develop a menu in each case.


You call us and tells us you want a steak dinner for a 50 person event.

We work with you to determine the best cut of steak, accompaniments, appetizers, etc. to fit your event, your budget, and the needs of your guests. We work to give you exactly what you want and offer our own expertise to round out the menu while staying true to your vision.

'What do you recommend?'

You are hosting a 100 person event and have no idea what to serve or how much to order.

Using our considerable experience in the industry, we work with you to develop a menu custom tailored to your event, offering options and exploring the ideas that interest you. Our expert advice and guidance make your planning process a little less overwhelming.

Photo Gallery

Get some ideas for your next event by browsing our photo gallery, including events we’ve catered, examples of our dishes, and more. Like what you see? Contact Us and we’ll talk about how Absolutely Fine Foods can make your event absolutely perfect.

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