"I visit Absolutely Fine Foods for all my special family gatherings – the prepared foods always make me look like I know what I am doing in the kitchen. I always impress the family with my delicious meals – I don’t tell them my little secret!" - Earl from Burlington

Gourmet Store


For the last 15 years, we at Absolutely Fine Foods have been serving up the best in prepared meals and aged meats from our humble Kingsway store. We take tremendous pride in what we do, and our small, dedicated staff is knowledgeable about every aspect of the process. We make everything daily in-house from the freshest ingredients, so we can tell you exactly what’s going into everything we serve you.

We are not a supermarket, and we don’t aspire to be. Our focus is on quality, and that’s what we deliver without exception. Come visit us at 270 The Kingsway, in the Humbertown Shopping Centre, and see for yourself how ‘Absolutely Fine Foods’ taste.

Prepared Foods

Our prepared foods are made daily in house with 100% natural, 100% fresh ingredients, so you never have to worry about the quality of your purchase. We never use preservatives, additives or food colouring.

Salads, soups, pasta, meat, vegetables, desserts, and more, all made with tremendous care and pride, ready to heat and eat. Stop by and pick up a quick, delicious meal you won’t regret.

Fine Meats

Each week, we hand select the best Canadian and U.S. Prime Cuts. We then age the meats for a minimum of 45 days, to allow their natural enzymes to break down the muscle tissue.

In our opinion, this brings out the best flavour and tenderness in each cut. The end result? An Absolutely delicious piece of meat!

While you’re in the store, also check out our fresh pork and poultry products!

In-Store Events

Upcoming Events:

This Saturday, March 28, 2020: Hot Carvery — available from 3pm to 5pm
Serving: Roast Striploin of Beef with Natural Pan Jus
** While quantities last, call to reserve, so that you are not disappointed